Beauty Revived | Heidi

Here is my second winner of the Beauty Revived contest, Heidi.  She is such a giving and lovely person and I am so happy I was able to meet her!  Her make up was done by the fabulous Hannah Goodrich.
“I would like to nominate my dear friend, Heidi Peterson, who is such an inspiration, example and epitome of beauty to me.  Heidi has been met with a lot of disappointment in her life- the life and dreams she worked so hard for and had legitimately earned, were taken away early on- at no fault of her own.  The unfortunate mistakes and bad behavior of those she put her eternal love & trust in have left an astounding wake of consequences she has had to overcome & bear alone.  Still, she has done it with grace and Christ-like benevolence.  She has raised 4 beautiful, amazingly talented, kind and thoughtful children, all by herself; one of them with special needs.  She has maintained leadership responsibilities in her church and community throughout and has worked full time to be the sole provider.  She now is employed as the Director of Communities that Care in Tooele County, an organization that reaches out to at risk children and adults, teaching them to care for and VALUE themselves; no doubt because of her innate compassionate nature.  In all of the more than 10 years I have been blessed to have her in my life, I have NEVER known her to speak a cross or negative word of anyone- especially of those who have maliciously hurt her.  She is an amazing example to me of patience, understanding, love and forgiveness.” – Jennifer
And here is more about the amazing Heidi:
“Heidi never gives up!  She picks herself up, dusts off and tries again. Her faith has increased with her struggles and she is stronger than ever.  She looks forward to good times ahead and takes great joy in her children.  Despite the statistics, each of her 4 children have had amazing success in school and the numerous activities they are involved in, including leads in school and college musicals, student council leadership, dance and vocal championships.  (Her oldest was even invited to sing back up for Josh Groban!)  It’s really quite remarkable how they do it all!  Her oldest 2 are in college, her 3rd is about to receive his mission call and her youngest is about to enter sophomore year.  Heidi also became a first time grandma last week of a beautiful 9lb baby boy!  I can go on and on… Heidi Peterson is literally the best human being on the earth that I have been given the privlege to know.  I believe that God sent her to me to be a much needed friend in a difficult time and to show me a model of the kind of person I have the potential of becoming.  To look at her picture, there is no doubt of her loveliness.  Her countenance radiates.  Terra, I really hope you pick Heidi, and not just so she wins, (even though that’s pretty awesome all by itself,) I hope you choose her so that you have the opportunity to meet her and see what I mean.  She will leave you a better person.  She’s THAT beautiful.  Thank you so much for the opportunity, and for the chance I have been given to gush about my amazing best friend.”  -Jennifer“For the last 13 years that I have been a part of Heidi’s family, I have watched from afar as she has endured countless trials. While for a small moment they may have set her back, they were never able to do it for long. She always has a smile on her face and the desire to serve others. She is always looking for ways to help others and make the road they are traveling on easier for them, even though her road seems to be an endless uphill climb. I am so proud to call her family and can’t think of a more deserving person to be honored.”  -Sassandra

“Heidi Peterson = is the most happy, positive! giving! spiritual ROCK I KNOW! For all she has gone through she is by far the strongest person I know, as well. She is truly a great friend & confidante, as well!!! I love her so much!” – Lisa

“My Mom is the most beautiful person I know because she is completely selfless. She is always thinking of the people around her, and can turn any negative situation into a positive one. She has a way of lighting up a room when she walks into in, and always makes sure to make everyone around her feel special. She has been through the worst experiences, but has always come out of them stronger than ever! I love my Mom!!” – Tyler


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