Les Miserables

Les Miserables has been one of my favorite novels since I read itl for the first time when I was fifteen years old.  Everything French has always drawn me in and I have stayed three summers in France, so putting this inspiration shoot together was a dream for me.  I wanted to create details that Les Mis fans would pick up on and appreciate, from the notes from Eponine to Jean Valjean telling them to leave “remove” or in French, “enlevez”, the love letters passed, gates where stolen kisses occured, bridges over the Seine river, the French Revolution flag and even a Napolean statue.  The paper suite was also written in French and the characters names/aliases were used for the name cards.

I wanted this shoot to have details that can be used in present day weddings and still be relevant.  If there are any brides out there that are in love with Les Mis and that time period, they would be able to incorporate the details of this inspiration shoot into their actual wedding day.  Each of the models looked classic and beautiful, but were still able to portray their characters perfectly.  This shoot has literally been a dream of mine for quite some time and I am so grateful to all of the vendors who helped me pull it off.

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