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I had a hard time just choosing one winner for the Beauty Revived contest….so I chose three.  My amazingly talented and giving friend, Hannah Goodrich, offered to do their make up and they all looked so amazing!  This is Haley.  I’m not sure even where to start with Haley because I love her so much!  I met Haley through my involvement with adoption.  Haley is a birth mother and one of the most amazing adoption advocates I’ve ever known.  She puts aside her pain and hurt to help all of those around her so many times.  She has a contagious smile and always lifts your spirits when you are around her.  I am so honored to call her my friend and have her in my life.

Haley was nominated my her friend and fellow birth mother, Alysia.  Here is what Alysia had to say about Haley:

I’d love to nominate Haley Kirkpatrick for your contest. On a personal level, she is one of the most amazing human being that I have ever met. She walked me through my adoption placement of my birth son and held my hand the entire time. She drove from Utah to Nevada multiple times just to be near me through the toughest times. Aside from a personal level she is an amazing woman through and through. What she does for the adoption community is beyond fantastic. She has a wonderful outlook on adoption and everything related to it. She takes time out of being a hard working single mama to two beautiful Reds to speak at schools about the loving option of adoption. She exposes herself daily to unkind words and people that do not agree with her stance on adoption and it never waivers her love and commitment to her journey and helping others through theirs. I’ve said it a thousand times that she is Heaven sent. She educates. She loves. She is an amazing human being and I cannot imagine my life without her.” -Alysia



I couldn’t just stop there, so I asked some of her friends and family why she is so beautiful.  Here is what they had to say:

“Haley is the most beautiful person I know because she is selfless. She lives to help others and care for her children. She often times puts her own deep emotions aside to make sure others are taken care of. She is a good friend who loves with all of her heart.” – Jessa

“Haley is the most beautiful person I know. It’s like her heart is an accordion and just when every section looks full, it expands to fit another person or cause. I’m in awe of how one woman can do so much for others while juggling so much in her own life, and how she puts others before herself. She is someone I aspire to be more like and someone I think about when I think my plate is too full to take the time necessary to make a difference for someone else. She makes the best of everything and has such tremendous strength to support open adoption and advocate for all members of the adoption triad. I am positive there is nothing in the world this girl can’t do, and that her daughters will always be so proud of the beautiful woman their mom is!  And seriously, just when I thought that girl couldn’t be any more beautiful to me, she sets up a Go Fund Me and is getting our daughter’s birth mom out there for next month’s retreat. She is a living example, just showing our daughter’s birth mom of how kindhearted and caring people exist out there in the world. She hasn’t known that until now, but boy is she about to feel it.”  – Melissa

“She’s my “person”. She got me through the hardest moments of my life, thus far. She held my hand. She cried with me and she laughed with me. She reminded me that it was ok to be afraid and no matter what I decided she would still be my person.  But she’s also amazing for many other reasons. She works full time and maintains a home and two gorgeous little reds. She sacrifices going to retreats to spend her free time with them and not leave them with a sitter. She teaches them to LOVE so hard, which you saw first hand. She uses every ounce of everything she has to make their world spectacular. They are going to be amazing little ladies because they are in her world.  I could go on for hours, but I won’t bore you with it because I could turn a little “stalker sounding”….but all and all she is one of the most amazing people that God has ever placed in my world.”  -Alysia

“Haley is a truly amazing person. I can’t think of one negative thing about her. She has a way of making everyone feel special and important. She is so incredibly beautiful and I love her dearly. Congrats Haley on winning the Beauty Revived contest, you truly deserve it!” – Julianne


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