Beauty Revived | Krissy

And last up, my third and final winner of the Beauty Revived contest, Kristine (Krissy) McWilliams.  I literally feel like I am so inadequate next to these amazing and selfless women.  They sure make me want to be a better person and it makes me want to be a better person just being around these women!   Hannah Goodrich did her beautiful make up.

“This is my TRULY beautiful sister, Krissy. She is the best person I know. I don’t have many pictures of only Krissy, because she has mostly pictures of her family. She is my best friend. It’s just the two of us(I always want to break out in song when I say that). I can’t say it eloquently enough.  She is wonderful. Things that make her beautiful-Krissy gives everything to our family. Our mom was diagnosed with recurrent Stage IV Breast cancer in 2008, we both moved our families into our parent’s home to care for her. Krissy from Syracuse and me from Colorado, where we still have a now rental home.  Krissy was an amazing caregiver and friend to my mom. Our mom died without much notice in December in 2012. She went to the hospital on Thursday and died on Saturday. We were able to get her home. She died about 20 minutes after we got her there though. We did a lot of living in the time that we did have. She was 62. Krissy was constantly researching was to make my mom more comfortable. Krissy’s husband was deployed to Afghanistan when my mom died. During his deployment, Krissy stayed home with their 4 children. They have a 16 year old from Krissy’s first marriage who is the best kid you could ask for. He is smart and funny. He works at a karate instructor and actually likes hanging out with his mom. Their next child, Carter is 12 and is her husband’s from his prior relationship. Carter is severely disabled with something called “partial deletion of the 17th chromosome”. It is very rare and no one can really tell them what his life span may be. They have full custody of Carter. His biological mother is not in the picture at all. Carter is fed through a feeding tube, needs diapers and uses a wheelchair. We assume that he is probably autistic as well, but there is no way to test. Because of her husband’s military obligations, Krissy has taken on almost full care of Carter. She is wonderful with him. He goes to a full day school.  They have a 6 year old, Noah and a 4 year old, Cooper. Noah is in Kindergarten and gets to take karate from his big brother and Coop will start preschool in the fall. She watches my two kids-my 5 year old daughter and my two year old son while I work as well.  We have stayed living with dad since my mom died. There are 11(ELEVEN!!) of us. It works though. Her husband is gone with the National Guard a lot. In fact, he is leaving for Officer training on May 30th. My husband is an agricultural pilot and is gone  at least half of the year as well. We always joke that we are sister wives in a totally non-weird way. We get to raise our kids together and really live by the philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child. We have fun together. Its tight quarters sometimes, but it’s like a party most of the time. She does some accounting for my employer a couple of times a week. So, we like each other enough to live together and work together.  Krissy also takes care of me. I am a type 1 diabetic and I have had a rough time since my son was born. I have low blood sugars and pass more than I would like. Krissy checks on me constantly. She has learned more about diabetes than she should ever need to know. I had a really bad low blood sugar in February and Krissy was there-from calling the paramedic to helping me rehab from the resulting dislocated shoulder.  Krissy is smart, capable, beautiful and works all day for her family. She was meant to be a mom. She does it with beauty and grace. “ -Angie

“I’m Kristine’s husband Kenny. I can only begin to express how special my wife is. We’ve been married for 8 years this coming 4th of August and I’m proud to say it’s been the most wonderful years of my life. She is my everything. She not only fell in love with me, but my disabled son Carter as well. She made things work on the hive front so I could finish college, then she stood by me and made things work when I joined the Army and had to ship off for 6 months of initial training… Followed further by deployments and working out of town… In short we’ve been married 8 years and I’ve been gone a total of 33 months… Without her, then none of these things are possible. She is the reason things work for us… She is our accomplishment as a family. She would give the shirt off her back if it meant a family member or friend would stay warm. She has the kindest heart and softest soul. She is by far the most wonderful woman in the world. I couldn’t go to a store and hand pick/build a woman better than her. She’s perfect and doesn’t even know it. She does everything for anyone, and wants nothing in return. I would go to the ends of the world and back to keep her happy. Thank you sho much for helping others to realize how special she is to us all.” -Kenny

“She is one of the very most important people in my life. Just last night I was telling my daughter how when we are together we finish each others sentences. She understand me like no one else does. We have the same neurosis! I’m a little bit older than she is. But she is definitely the “Queen Mother” of our family! After my aunt Patti passed away, Kriss just stepped right up and took charge. She is so strong. She’s such a natural mother. She cares and worries about everyone she loves. I don’t have any biological sisters, but Kriss and Angie are the closest as I could ever get to having sisters. I live in Idaho so I don’t get to see them very often but when we do see each other, we pick up right where we left off. We all miss our momma (Patti) so very much. When we were young, she made sure that the three of us girls stayed close to each other. I will be eternally grateful to her for that and many, many other things as well. Kriss truly is an amazing person. I love her so much!” – Whitney

“She is as nice as she appears and as real. She is the calm in a storm. She has been my friend for 14 years. Oh she’s also very pretty inside and out. A true lady. I can’t think of anything to say other she forgets her coat in the wintertime:) I worry about her catching cold!” – Tama’ra


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