Terra’s Favorite Things Friday | Salt Lake Temple

Today I am sharing one of my favorite places on Earth, the Salt Lake Temple.  I am lucky because I get to be here often-I refer to it as my second office.  I have NEVER got sick of shooting here.  There is always something new-some new angle, a different perspective that I see each time I am there.
Salt Lake Temple Terra Cooper Photography
My husband and I were married here almost 15 years ago.  Has it really be FIFTEEN YEARS?!?  Time flies when you are having fun ;D
It was here that we were sealed to our little girl.  It was a beautiful day and has been a beautiful two years we have had with her.  Our family was made complete by her and this was the day that it really felt real.  I look at this image and see the most important things to me all in one picture and it is a beautiful thing.
Salt Lake Temple Family Sealing
Photo by: Brittany Cascio
You can see more from that day here on the video my friend Davey from Pointe Digital put together for us!

The Coopers – Forever Family from Davey Orgill on Vimeo.

I am really so blessed to have the job that I do because I get to spend a lot of those days on people’s BEST days of their lives.  I mean really-how cool is that?  I find that in life even though you may be going to a place repeatedly or doing the same thing over and over, you can always find something new in it-a new perspective 😀

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