Sentimental Sunday | Salt Lake Temple | Francesca & Fano

For this Sentimental Sunday post I was going through Francesca & Fano’s pictures this week to do their blog post and saw this series of pictures and it brought back some beautiful memories of what was going on at the time.  At this moment I was in tears.  I was so overcome by love that I could hardly see through my lens.  You see I found out before their wedding that Fano’s mom is a birth mother.  She called me to get my payment info and we ended up talking for over an hour.  I instantly fell in love with her and her sweet spirit.  Their adoption story is amazing.  The short version is that after 27 years she was reunited with her son, Sean, that she placed for adoption.  His (adoptive) family and his (birth) family are just family and that is a beautiful thing to see.
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While I was shooting I watched as these brothers were just brothers who had been together for years-like they had never been apart.   It’s not that Sean has replaced his (adoptive) family, but has just added more family to it.  To see him and his (birth) mom hold hands and hug had me so overcome with love that it literally was spilling out of my eyes.  Seeing the beauty of a (birth) family and (adoptive) family being just family was exactly what I have hoped for in our adoption and it was so beautiful to see.  You see in adoption, EVERY situation and story is different, but when you see the extreme love and happiness in ones like this, you can’t help but just FEEL it.  Sean’s (adoptive) mom told him after he was reunited with his (birth) mom, “Sean, you didn’t need two moms.  Two moms needed you.”  And that my friends, is why my heart is full of love for adoption.