Sentimental Sunday | That time that….

Terra Cooper Photography Sentimental Sunday

Weddings are full of sentimental moments and memories.  I love looking back at pictures because I’m able to remember those special moments that would otherwise be most likely forgotten.  Today I wanted to look back and share a few of my favorite moments from weddings in the last year-some funny,…

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Sentimental Sunday | Disneyworld

Disneyworld woody's round up

You all will have to put up with me for the next few months as I get WAY too excited for our Disneyworld/Universal trip.  I was looking through our pictures of our last trip (8 years ago) to Disneyworld and it made me tear up seeing how little Caleb was…

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Sentimental Sunday | Mother’s Day

Sentimental Sunday Mother's Day

Spring is really busy for our family with birthdays and holidays.  Mother’s Day is one of those days that I usually dread.  Being a mom is hard-it’s so worth it, but it’s hard.  However this year my family started early giving me cute cards, Ben & Jerry’s and just being…

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Sentimental Sunday | I Love My Job

sentimental sunday terra cooper photography wedding photographer

I have officially blogged each day for a month!  For me that is a HUGE accomplishment!!!  This last month has been so great for me looking back and celebrating things happening now.  I am really so blessed to have the job that I have and meet the people that I…

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