McCall {bridals}

McCall wanted her bridals taken at one of my favorite venues, La Caille.  I love it because all of the color and the variety of looks you can create in that one location.  She brought along quite the entourage to support her: her mom, sister, aunt, brother, and two grandmas’s, Grandma Yellow and Grandma Brown.  When they were little they didn’t know which grandma was which, so they would refer to them by their hair color!  So cute.  McCall also loved that they had peacocks there.  She wanted her whole bouquet to be peacock feathers, but her mom didn’t love the idea so much, so this was a compromise!  We even got some with one peacock that was hanging out on the gate in the background.  The boy peacocks were trying to get some attention while we were their, shaking those feathers for the girls to see.  Peacocks are a little scary to me, but nothing compared to geese.  We got in the middle of some of the geese and they were hissing and chasing us down the stairs.   Have I mentioned I don’t like geese before?!? 😀

Look at her skin!   I kept telling her it was creamy like butter 😀  I wish I had such great skin!  It was a cloudy cold morning and it even started raining on us many times.  Luckily I had Lara my assistant there to hold reflectors over us while we ran inside, and even more lucky for us is that the inside of La Caille is just as interesting and beautiful.

I love her hot pink shoes.  You don’t see your shoes in many of the pictures so it is nice to have a little pop of color hidden under your dress to add some personality.  McCall brought three pairs of shoes (we did picts with two).

McCall is doing pink and turquoise in her wedding, which was really easy to incorporate in her photos.  She is also marrying Mike, so they brought some M&M’s to do pictures with to show off their initials-and give us some chocolate to snack on!

We took some indoors while waiting for the rain to stop and was so happy that La Caille had pink flowers everywhere for us to use in the backgrounds.  How thoughtful of them!

There were a few Dumb and Dumber quotes going on, so we had to do a picture with the doors in the scene where the doves come from behind Mary.  Then when I got home for some reason I felt like editing while watching Dumb and Dumber.  Oh the memories that brings back of my teenage years….alternative music, long summer nights playing pranks on people (no, I have never stole a flashing barricade and drove it around town to drop it off at someones house, toilet papering….), ice cream (ok all of my life really has ice cream memories in it), the Hoopty Car, swimming (being self conscious about my body and would now LOVE to have it back), and really great friends that I am so lucky to still have so many of them still in my life.  Who knew a door could bring back so many memories!!?!