Ashley + Danny | formals

I was so glad we had some clouds roll in right before our shoot to cool us off a few degrees. It is a little hot outside! We started in the lovely gardens at Thanksgiving Point and ended at the Mount Timpanogos Temple that they will be married in soon. Ashley was so nervous for Danny to see her for the first time, but she didn’t need to be. He had a great reaction and thought she looked amazing-which she did! I will be so sad when lace isn’t a huge trend anymore, because I love it so much. Can’t go wrong with an all lace dress in my book! I also got to hang out with the amazing Ryan Winterton of as he did their video and that is always good times. Can’t wait to see it Ry!
nt formals_0031.jpg

nt formals_0032.jpg

nt formals_0033.jpg

nt formals_0034.jpg

nt formals_0035.jpg

nt formals_0036.jpg

nt formals_0037.jpg

nt formals_0038.jpg

nt formals_0039.jpg

nt formals_0040.jpg

nt formals_0041.jpg

nt formals_0042.jpg

nt formals_0043.jpg

nt formals_0044.jpg

nt formals_0045.jpg

nt formals_0046.jpg

nt formals_0047.jpg

nt formals_0048.jpg

nt formals_0049.jpg

nt formals_0050.jpg

nt formals_0051.jpg

nt formals_0052.jpg

nt formals_0053.jpg

nt formals_0054.jpg

nt formals_0055.jpg

nt formals_0056.jpg

nt formals_0057.jpg

nt formals_0058.jpg

nt formals_0059.jpg

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