Brittany + Jeff {engagements}

Brittany and Jeff are so thoughtful.  They brought me a Coldstone gift card before we even started shooting!   I will never say no to ice cream 😀  We started  our session a little later than we planned so it was a mad dash to get to all of our locations we had planned.  We first did literally five minutes in downtown Ogden then drove like crazy people up the canyon and just made it as the sun was going down over the mountain.  It was worth the drive though.  Brittany got her make-up done by the very talented Kristen Packard.  She looked AMAZING!  Look at those eyes!!!

I love that heavenly light just peaking over the mountain and lighting up their hair.  We even had them change outfits while we were there and I think they win for fastest clothing change ever!  We raced down the canyon again just as the sun was going down over the pond.  Brittany wanted some pictures in a canoe/boat (she is from Michigan) so I had called ahead to arrange one for us.  We even called an hour before to make sure they weren’t closing.  Well when we got there the gate was closed.  I don’t like to give up on things so we started to run down the trail towards the pond.  Halfway there we realized we left the money to rent the canoe in the car, so we sent my sister who so kindly came to be an assistant, back to get it.  When we were almost to the pond Jeff realized he gave her the wrong key!  So he ran back to the car as Brittany and I ran to the pond to find someone to help us.  The couple that ran the park had decided their day was long enough so they closed the gate three hours early!!!  They were sitting in their trailer ignoring us.  So I told Brittany to go stand on the dock and I would start taking pictures of just her to get them to come out and help us.  It worked….kind of!

As you can see we got them to get the canoes unlocked for us.   I really had to convince the husband and they were really bugged that we interrupted their dinner (although it is their job and we had called ahead to schedule!!!).   My sister came back, almost having an asthma attack trying to get us the money in time.  We did these pictures in less than five minutes too.    I’m just glad no one was really hurt during the filming of this session 😀

We ended the day taking some pictures on the trail back to the car.  We were all sweaty, out of breathe, but laughing about our adventure of a day.  Brittany has the most contagious laugh and smile and I can see why Jeff loves to be around her!

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