Miss North Ogden and Miss North Ogden Outstanding Teen Platforms | Terra Cooper Photography | Part 2

Here are all of the Miss North Ogden Outstanding Teen contestants and a little about their platform. Please support them by coming to the pageant, supporting their causes or just sending them a message of support!

First up is Brooklyn Buck. Brooklyn volunteered at the Weber County Shelter and was able to get 70 blankets for the the animals at the shelter. She also went to the Weber River and got trash out of the river. Her goal is to get people excited about volunteering because it makes your life better. 96% of people said that volunteering made them feel happier, 68% said it made them feel healthier and 58% said it helps them sleep better. She wants to promote “Volunesia” which is defined as the moment when you forget you’re volunteering to help change lives, because it is changing yours.

Jaycee’s platform is all about getting younger kids to love reading. She promotes reducing distractions and choosing books instead. She has read to all the first graders in all the Title 1 schools in the Weber District and was able to get a local author, Chuck Smith, to donate books to all of the classes. In these classes she has the students promise to read at least 20 minutes a night. She has started a book borrowing group at her school and you can even catch her on the bus reading or telling other students about her love for reading. She has presented her platform at the local Food Truck Night where she also sings and plays her guitar.

Olivia has volunteered at Bates Elementary Book Drive and was able to collect 1,101 books for their take home library. She also volunteers at the Treehouse Museum and is creating a lending library in the Treehouse Museum. She taught us that reading literacy can impact poverty and costs our nation $73 million a year in health care costs. Some of her favorite quotes about reading are “Literacy is one of the greatest gifts a person could receive.” – Jon Gelinsky
“The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a book.” – Rachel Anders

Kaylie is passionate about animal adoption. She volunteers at the local animal shelter and loves to go there to play with them and just shower them with love. She told us that this is really the only time that the animals get to go out of their pen, so it’s really important that more people volunteer in the shelters and even more important that they adopt from the shelters. There are even a lot of pure bred dogs in the shelters if that is what you are looking for. She hopes her passion can be spread on her social media on Instagram and convince others to spend their time there or adopt an animal in need of a loving home.

Gabrielle’s platform is close to her heart and family. She hopes that she can volunteer with a local organization that helps prevent suicide and brings awareness to this very important subject, Live Hannah’s Hope. One person every 14 hours does from suicide in Utah. It is the 5th highest state in the USA and is the 2nd highest cause of death for ages 15-44 and is 8x higher than homicide. She hopes to bring awareness to this subject through her Instagram by doing one minute hope and education videos.

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