Utah Fall Mountain Engagements | Terra Cooper Photography | Anna + AJ

When I asked Anna and AJ about things the love, the told me they love going hiking, biking, camping and being in the mountains with their dogs.  They talked so much about the mountains and coffee that I knew we had to bring both into our shoot!  So we started our session getting some coffee at Starbucks and then heading out to the mountains.  Anna and AJ love their coffee and even have these handmade mugs that are designed to keep your hands warm when you hold them!  They came in handy because it was pretty chilly that evening!






There was still a little fall left in the trees so we had to capture what color the leaves still had.









I ask my couples about their proposal stories and I thought it would be fun to share them with you!  Here is Anna and AJ’s story:

“We woke up late and went to Beans and Brew to get a coffee. We grabbed large coffees and headed to Provo canyon for a drive. We got lost in conversation and missed the exit. We happily corrected the error about 5 miles down the road. We turned around and headed up the canyon. We enjoyed seeing the leaves change and the few fisherman scattered along the overflowing river. We took a left at the Sundance turnoff and headed up the canyon towards the Alpine Loop. We took the scenic loop and soon began exploring a dirt road at the end of the route. We were unsure of the dirt road but decided to keep going. Anna asked if we should turn around a few miles up, but A.J. persisted. We soon found our way to Cummings Parkway, another dirt road that we had no idea where it led or ended. We followed the road in search of higher ground and a better view of the leaves that were surprisingly still coloring the mountainside. We pulled off at the top of the mountain after almost 1 hour up the quaint, dirt road. We decided to hike a bit and cut through a meadow to bluff that overlooked the mountainside we had just climbed. A.J. played our song on Anna’s phone and we danced on top of the world. When the song was over, A.J. bent his left knee and asked Anna to make him the happiest man on earth and the rest is history!”




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