Everyday Advocates | Terra Cooper Photography | Kylee

My next everday advocate is Kylee.

I met Kylee when I shot her older sister’s wedding.  Kylee is the type of person that just radiates joy wherever she goes.  She has such a kind heart and is always mindful of others feelings.  I asked Kylee what are some of the things she has done in her past to help others and I wasn’t surprised to learn that she volunteered to help babysit her sister’s kids while her and her husband worked and when they both were working the night shift, she would stay overnight and through some of the day so they could sleep.  That is sacrifice and love right there!  She has also tended children in her neighborhood and ever since she was young has loved to babysit children at any chance she could get.

Her love for children has also made her mindful of children who are suffering from hunger.  She hopes one day to work with the U.S Hunger Relief Organization.  She said, “Child hunger, and hunger in general no matter the age of the person is close to my heart and I hope to make a difference and help feed the hungry people of America. No one should have to go hungry. Especially those living near us right here in Utah, and in the U.S. as a whole!”

Kylee is the mother to two gorgeous little girls who are her whole world.  She said, ” As other moms know too well, motherhood is a very selfless job. From bathing and getting children dressed in the morning, to feeding them every meal and changing numerous diapers throughout the day, to getting them down for naps, reading to them, playing with them, and so much more! I love being a mom. It’s my favorite hat that I wear and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”  I love her positive perspective on the day to day things motherhood gives us!  Some days I need to have that perspective!

Currently she loves serving as an Activities Day leader for 10 year old girls and loves to get to know the sweet girls she serves.  She helps them learn life skills, as well as complete goals from their Faith in God book.   She also works as a Special Ed technician and loves it.  She enjoys helping them and being around them and they hold a special place in her heart.  Each student is so different and that is what she loves the most!

She hopes to continue to serve with love each day her husband, her family, her church and hopes to serve in the LDS temple in the future.   Thank you Kylee for being an inspiration and advocate for love-especially in all the everyday things that some may take for granted.  Now I’m off to do some laundry -and what a blessing it is to have so many in my life to do laundry for.