Savannah + Kevin {wedding}

We had such great light at the temple the day of Savannah & Kevin’s wedding-luckily I had a great 2nd photographer, Corbin Allred, holding my reflector to make it even prettier in those sun over the head shots!  Savannah & Kevin are such an amazing couple.  Savannah is such a gorgeous person (inside & out) with amazing style, and Kevin has more will-power & determination than anyone I have ever met!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your day and I’m so sad I couldn’t be there for the reception in Green River.  Oh and PS-I LOVE LOVE LOVE Savannah’s mom ;D  She totally reminds me of one of my best friend’s mom who I love to pieces too (Kelly-talking about your mom, Rachel!!)

Want to see more?  Click on the link below to see a slideshow with more images from the temple:

Why I love having a 2nd photographer at my weddings 😀

1. They can capture more of the story=more candids for my clients, especially while I am doing group shots

2. Different angles of shots I set up=totally different looks/feels of these pictures

3. My 2nd’s are super talented and fun=more great picts for my clients! My 2nd for this wedding was Corbin Allred.  Thanks Corbin!!

Click on the link below to see why adding a 2nd photographer to your wedding is a great choice!

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