{Workshop with Jeff Jochum}

While I was in Las Vegas at WPPI I was chosen by MeRa Koh to attend Jeff Jochum’s workshop in Denver.  I knew at that moment it would really change my business-little did I know how much I would find out about myself.

In MeRa’s workshop she said “It is important to me that my business worked for me, not that I worked for my business.”  I have finally decided it is time for me to release the control of things in my business so I can spend more time on the more important things in life.  I am so excited to start working with Jared Bauman at ShootDotEdit and really feel like he will literally be saving me and my family this summer.  Jared is one of the more generous and kind people I’ve met in this business.  He and his team at Bauman Photographers are also hilarious.  Watching their training video makes me want to work with them.  Two of his photographers, Sarah and Kaitlin are in the video.  I had a great time getting to know them too.  I even got to teach Kaitlin what a snow scraper was.  She had never seen one before {Lucky girl that lives in San Diego!}  Check out their video here:

Jared make me really think about what I think is most important to my clients.  Jared has inspired me to come up with ways to cup out as many non-essential steps in everything I do to make more time for my family.  Now I just need the time to make my organization plan! 😀

Another presenter we had was Jason Groupp.  I had actually seen Jason present at WPPI at Photographers Ignite and he had great stories to tell then and I even got some more great stories at our workshop!   He made me want to shoot in New York.  I am so excited for him and the new direction his business is taking.  He specializes in New York destination weddings and does these amazing styled engagement shoots called IHNY (I heart New York) where he takes people on an adventure of the real New York.  You can also book a session with him if you are visiting New York.  I know I will if I ever get there!!  He does really amazing lighting and I am excited to learn more about that from him.  Jason has inspired me to go after a part of photography that I am really passionate about.  I have always loved fashion photography and I am so excited to incorporate it in my wedding photography.

Finally there was Jeff Jochum.  I really feel like this experience came into my life at the perfect time.  Jeff reminds me a little of my dad and my friend Kevin.  He challenged the way I thought about myself and my business and he really makes you get to the core of WHY I want to be a wedding photographer.  I feel like I still have some work to do for sure, but Jeff gave me a good push off the cliff to start my journey.  MeRa said, “A coach on the sidelines while you are in the game is so valuable.”  I hope that I have the opportunity to have him coach me more in the future.  His insight and knowledge has already been invaluable to me.

I thought that before I came to this workshop I had already made some progress by deciding to specialize in weddings. How wrong I was! I will be making some changes to my business and myself and I am really excited to see what the future holds for me. workshop members (Jeff’s last workshop ever!)  Photo by Jeff Jochum.

Front row: Sarah, Katelin, Dallin & Jason; middle row: Sara, me, Kim, Jason D; back row: Emily & Pete, TJ (not pictured-Jason Groupp took his spot :D), Rachel and Jared (also not pictured, Jenni)