Caroline {maternity}

This mom is one of the strongest, most beautiful women I have ever met. I met Caroline almost a year an a half ago when I photographed her sweet angel baby boy Colton. When I was in the room with her little family there was such an amazing spirit there, even in a room that should have been filled with grief.

We kept in touch after and I was going to do some family pictures for them just before Christmas. Her husband Nick, who is also such an amazing man, was killed in an accident over the first anniversary of their little boys birth just before Thanksgiving. She was pregnant at the time with their little girl. I don’t know how anyone can go through what she went through and come out of it the way she has-I just know that she has had help from the other side and I felt that today even more strongly. She has two amazing boys looking after her. She tells about her story on her blog that is so uplifting even through all of her tragedy. I am so grateful that I was able to meet Caroline, Nick and Colton and get to meet baby Hannah soon. What a blessing this baby girl is. This afternoon we kept having little signs from heaven that these boys were with us. It was such a great day visiting spots that were important to Caroline and Nick and making new memories as well. Love you Caroline!

We went to the place where they had their first kiss.  It was just by a house on a road near her apartment, but there were purple flowers growing there-Caroline’s favorite color.  Also if you don’t live in Utah, you may not know that flowers don’t usually bloom this early in the year.  Things like that just kept happening yesterday.  There was this tree that still had the fall leaves on it-it reminded Caroline of the fall leaves that were in their last family pictures her sister took the day of Nick’s accident.  There were some even more sacred experiences I won’t share here, but I just know those boys are around their mommy/wife and love her very much.

I look at my computer screen a lot and I have never got a migraine or lights in my eyes from doing so.  Well this morning when I was getting the pictures ready for this post I could hardly see my screen the glare on it was so bad.  I shut my window and turned off the light and the glare was really strong.   I think it was those sweet spirits that are near her shining through the pictures.  I had such feeling of peace and love while I was with her and while I was editing her pictures.  The spirit really has been with me the last two days and I can feel how loved Caroline is by her Heavenly Father and her boys.

I know families without a doubt can be together forever.  I know that Caroline will see her son and husband again and that they are with her now.

Thank you Caroline for letting me share your story with others.  You are truly an inspiration.  I can’t wait to meet baby Hannah!

One more little nod from heaven story.  So I was just talking to Caroline on the phone and we looked up the meaning of “Hannah”  because she said she didn’t know what it was.  Here was the story behind it:

In the Jewish scriptures, Channah (origin of the name Hannah, meaning “favored grace”), wife of Elkanah, was barren. At the temple near Shiloh, she asked God to bless her with a child, promising to dedicate her baby to His service.

Her prayer was answered, and her son Samuel was ”lent to the Lord” for all the days of his life. Indeed, he grew up to be one of Israel’s most revered prophets.

With this story in mind, some authorites translate this name as a full sentence: ”God has graced me with a son.”

I think Hannah is THE perfect name.  Praying for you and your family always 😀  -Terra