Kassi {bridals}

I posted these on Facebook but forgot to do it on the blog after Kassi was married!  I love her dress that her grandma made her.  The funny story behind these pictures is that the skirt wasn’t done yet, so there are hundreds of straight pins in the skirt and by the time we were done shooting, poor Kassi had scratches all over her legs from the pins!  On the wedding day there was just one pin that got me….luckily the temple had bandaids so I didn’t bleed all over her dress!  (that pin wasn’t for the skirt-those were all gone by the wedding-this one just was holding undergarments together). 😀   I won’t forget this session for sure.  Plus the pictures turned out amazing because she is kind of gorgeous!

Want to see more?  Click on the link below to see a slideshow with more from this session:


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