Amelia + Josh {wedding}

This couple has quite the story just being able to get married.  It was a long road, but they finally were able to get clearance to be sealed in the temple.  Everything has seemed to stop them from getting married and then Amelia had a few things go wrong the morning of, like forgetting the wedding rings :D, and was actually an hour and a half late getting to the temple!  Poor Josh thought she wasn’t coming!  She was supposed to get married at 10:45 am, but arrived at the temple at 10:45 !  I took a picture of the watch with her bouquet to see what time it was when we took pictures….well about 2 hours after I thought they would be coming out!  It will be a story that they can tell for years and poor Amelia I don’t think will ever live down the fact she was late to her wedding!

They were married at the Bountiful Temple on a very foggy day (until 10 minutes before they came out and the VERY BRIGHT sun came out.   They had their reception at the newly finished indoor building at Lomond View Nursery.   I love that venue because not only is it beautiful, but  you get to choose a vintage car to ride off in.  They choose the pink and white 1956 Chrysler New Yorker.   My Event Rental did her linens/decor.  It was so great to get to spend this very special day with them and their family.  I wish you both all the best and hope it is so much easier from here on out!!