Griffith family + a surprise proposal

I did Katy and Todd’s wedding a few years ago and it was SOOOO good to see this family all together again 😀 Jay contacted me yesterday telling me he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend during the pictures since it was perfect because all of his family was in town together and they had a photographer to capture it all 😀

So I was done with everyone and Jay said, “Oh is there one more family picture after this?” and winked at me. That was the cue….so I sent them off for a walk together……Then I told Jay and Nicole to go in the middle of everyone (I was winging it at this point!!) I wasn’t even worried about posing….but they didn’t notice something may be up thankfully!  Next I said for all the boys to squat down in front of the girls….giving him great positioning ;D  And then he turned around and I couldn’t hear really what he was saying….but I’m sure it was awesome!  At this point his family figured out what was happening….they had no idea and that was really fun to watch!  His mom screamed with joy. So cute!  Katy, his sister, looked at me in shock as well!!  I love that Nicole kissed him before even taking the ring!  And then he brought out the ring…and it was a STUNNER!!!!


Nicole, you are marrying into an AMAZING family! Just thought you should know, even though I know you already do!!!

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